Same mother bleeping thing!

July 28, 2011 at 7:36 pm (Hanuel, Protesta, Teen Top) (, , , , , )


Ok so … how do I start this? I’m a ex-KissMe (and not butthurt or I wouldn’t follow them on twitter) and Andromeda ( ♥ ) So I’m on tumblr all like a happy bunny because of Teen Top’s new MV and I scroll down and I find a troll! O_O kiding! I found some comments/posts that stated it was the same setting as the 0330 u-kiss mv . And yes in fact it is, so I’m just chillin and then I found a post that really made no sense it read the following: “Teen Top copied U-KIS!?!”  – and I’m like


So this XXX person stated the following:  (I’m not going to put names so I don’t embarras the owner of this not that smart post ^^ I know~ I’m soo nice *O*)
”So I went on youtube just now to check out 2NE1’s ‘Ugly’ video, and came across Teen Top’s new MV for ‘Don’t Spray Perfume’ annnddd……. LOOK AT THIS:

They filmed their MV in THE EXACT SAME ROOM of the EXACT SAME BUILDING that U-KISS filmed their ‘0330’ MV!

And thats not the last of it….

Check this out:


Phone [and wall] look familiar?? Maybe thats because Dongho used it in ‘0330’


OR… how about the helicopter landing-pad rooftop scene?


I bet you it’s the same roof, just at a different angle…..


So, I don’t really know what to make of this…. I’m NOT angry. I think its kind of funny actually. Buuut…if I were Teen Top I might be kind of embarassed by it. =P

What do you guys think?” – end of quote


It’s the same room, in the same building? Yes
Is the same phone and wall? Yes
Is the same roof, maybe different angle? Yes
Did Teen top copy U-kiss? HELL NO

let me explain why they didn’t copy. the room maybe be the same one but there are lots of differences. U-kiss’s is darker since is a sad song… is a sad song right? it need to set and display a sad setting in order to go according with the emotions of the song. And the last time I saw the mv I think they didn’t dance on that room .. or did they? (I don’t know is a mystery~ I’m too lazy to go and check).
In Teen top’s case the room is brighter and doesn’t have a piano in the middle of the room because they dance on it. Also the song is about cheating and ‘Noonas’ so I don’t think the setting had to be all dark and stuff, also the beat of the song is pretty inviting to dance so yeah. Also if u notice it may not be the same room! look closely at the red circles I made


1) In the first you got the pretty door, which looks the same =
2) Then you got the ‘stair’ thing that is pretty much the same thing
3) Then in U-kiss MV there is like a separation between 2 (stair thing) and 5 (fireplace look alike thing) In Teen Top gives the feeling that is not there xD (maybe the brighter the brighter the walls get! .. yeah sounded stupid) well like stated before is the same room but u have to consider that the company takes care of choosing the setting they are filming in (except if u are one of the JYJ boys, who manages themselves but have the help of their company ^^)

Also other people have stated that SHINee used the same setting for their Japan debut (I don’t know ‘cause I haven’t seen it and I’m not going to either xD)

Well then the following pics yeah it’s same phone but in Teen Top’s it looks brighter ‘cause is for a happy/Icheatedandgotawaywithit song, in Dongho’s case it’s darker ‘cause its for a sad song. And the same goes to the rooftop. Sunset means ending of stuff so .. it makes u remind stuff and it was used just to sing, not to dance. Teen Top is all clear sky and buildings and was used to dance.

And I think Teen Top has NOTHING to be embarrassed about they are NOT copying. The songs are totally different and looks like the person who owns this setting is getting his money or maybe he is giving it for cheap price, therefore more bands go and film there, causing his pocket to grow. (U-kiss first, then SHINee, and last and mave not last Teen Top) In my eyes this ajusshi knows how to earn his money and recycle.

Also I think people should stop worrying about something so insignificant.
Both songs are good, and are opposites of each other. (sad – happy)
And if I see somebody start bashing or saying stuff about Teen Top because of this I’m going to go nuts and curse the fuck out of those people, I had enough with the ‘lyrics’, song, screen time, vocals, style. People if u want perfection then good luck in ur search.
I believe that they are so young yet have so much talent, with time they will be even better!

I don’t know about u but I love to see talent and good music. I don’t go worrying about looks or freaking settings for MV. And I live a happy fan life.



{Gifs are not mine. Also No MV setting was harmed when writing this}
Teen Top fighting! Andromeda fighting!

I can be overprotective and I protect my Teen top brothers cause I LOVE them! end of discussion!



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Don’t spray perfume {My reaction}

July 27, 2011 at 6:39 pm (Hanuel, Teen Top)

Soo~ I love my dear Teen Top and when they announced they were coming back I was like


Then the first teaser picture came out
at first I was like
but I analized the picutre really … deep? (stared at it for hours) and I’m like
it was funny all the comment saying “omg! I’m a pedo noona” or “so gay” I was LOLing at coments like that, I though it was fresh and fun pic xD (a thing no other kpop band has ever done~)

Then I waited until 3 am for the teaser and I was fangirling all over the place and laughing more at the pedo-noona comments xD
with the amazing teaser I couldn’t wait for the MV!! I raped the replay button of that teaser (and I liked it xDD)
The album came out and I was replaying all the songs xD

and yesterday the MV came out! OMG SUN! I didn’t now what air was! I saw the MV and I was like
then I saw L.Joe wink
then (because I had the MV in full screen) I saw Chunji wink right at ma face
Wait until 3am again was the
when the MV finished
and to the comments about the lyrics, same u-kiss background, pedos, and ‘oh gay’

Andromeda and Cassiopeia until the day I go live my second life in heaven!
Pedo Noonas are AMAZING! and PEDOS but PROUD PEDOS!
{amazing gifs are not mine ^^}

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