Rant LOL

August 19, 2011 at 12:57 am (Protesta)

I should be doing my history summer homework because is a big 400 page book, report and another 200 page book with another report but

I need to enjoy my last days in tumblr, last days of food, and spazzing/fangirling over dbsk and teen top and big bang and etc etc

bye bye vacations, hello world history class~ I think my first grade will be a big F 8’D I’ll just copy someone hw … I’m not planing on staying any ways

Also going to restart my laptop AGAIN … I have too … god! help me~


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My honest opinion

August 3, 2011 at 6:51 am (Hanuel, Protesta)

Jaejoong: something about not singing the OT5 songs because it belongs to the five members.

HoMin: sang Toki wo Tomete, Stand by U and Somebody to Love


I don’t hate them. I don’t. I’m Yunho-biased, after all, jesus christ, but it just … sounds wrong. I support them, I do, but can I just be a selfish fan for a bit and not want them to sing the songs they have as five? Just sing I Don’t Know or Superstar, please.

Also, objectively speaking, it doesn’t sound as good as the ot5 version. I’d think it wouldn’t sound as good if it were just JYJ singing it, either. It’s not bad, though. They do sound good. Just … yeah, it’s not AS good.

ALSO WHY TOKI WO TOMETE? ; A; That’s their last OT5 song GUH.

brb, drowning myself in old dbsk songs

original: http://tweedlekee.tumblr.com/post/8417823135/jaejoong-something-about-not-singing-the-ot5-songs

now me …

I support HoMin and how can I hate them? I couldn’t I really couldn’t. I know it’s not their fault .. deep down I still believe they wouldn’t sing songs of db5k if they could chose .. but I just can’t bring myself to listen … I really can’t … I stop before I can continue … I enjoy their other songs (of the duo) but .. for example when they sang Rising sun .. I cried .. I stopped half the video and cried hard .. then continued but I felt so bad … I watched Rising sun with the five .. and I felt better ….. I admire Jaejoong’s answer about that songs belong to the five and he couldn’t sing even with the other two …  and I want to answer to this person… you are not being selfish … I don’t want them sing the songs of five either .. I love when they sing their duo songs but I can’t and won’t watch when they sing the songs that are supposed to be sang as five…

I heard they sang Stand by U … but I don’t know I prefer not to watch so I don’t cry and suffer … I prefer to be ignorant about that … I prefer to be inside my AKTF ot5 bubble … because it doesn’t hurt ..


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Bad taste

July 28, 2011 at 11:31 pm (Hanuel, Protesta)

So today while researching/doing nothing I found several threads of AKP that left me thinking, I went take my dog out, while dancing to Miss A and still thinking about those threads and it hit me, do I have bad taste on music?!


why do I bring myself to think such a thing? well here are my points

  • I love 2ne1’s “I’m the best” a lot and when I mean a LOT I mean a TONS x LOTS. whenever I have low self steam I put this song and dance this while telling myself Naega jeil jal naga/I’m the best. And then I read/saw that some people thought it was bad song, bad everything.I‘m like ok … but I think the song rocks my mothers undies and more. But  then Stuff like “CL only screams on the song” pissed me off. don’t you dare offend my roll model/goddess/badass self mirror CL!


  • I don’t usually listen to super junior but the coreography of ‘Perfection’ of super junior M made me love the song .. but I LOVE the chinese version .. (lots more than the korean one, I don’t even listen to the corean one I only got the chinese one *O*) and people are like “oh I LOVE the corean version!” or “Korean version is way better”.
    So I think I’m forever alone about this.


  • I love all the songs in “The Beginning” of JYJ. At first I couldn’t stop listening and jamming over Empty, Ayy girl, Be the one. But later on I said to myself if this is just 3 out of 10, I bet the other are good too~ so I listened to the whole thing and it was the cherry on top of the ice cream!


then (recently) I read stuff like “it’s a miracle they sold all the numbers they sold”, “engrrrish”. WHATEVER! english is not my mother language, and I know it’s hard to get rid of accent so I 100% understand JYJ with accent and  I aint a racists person hoez. No but seriuosly I needed to read the lyrics to know 100% what they said but the 95% I understood (I guess between people with accents we understand each other –___-U)


  • I love all the songs in KYHD (but I try to avoid Honney Funny Bunny when I’m with somebody else because of Yunho’s loud moans, HFB is my 2nd favorite, and my bro and I imitate Yunho’s moans xDD) so I read some comments that the songs are not that good only KYHD and She. I have to accept Athena is not that good for me now, when it first came out I went crazy over this song xD .. not anymore~ but seriously I love KYHD album! Again forever alone! ;o;


  • I used to love U-kiss and loved their song ‘I like you’ .. but some kiss me are ashamed of this song .. and I’m sitting in front of my laptop and like are you serious?! I like the song! and a lot of people think is bad and are ashamed of it!

Am I seriously that weird?! do I have really such a bad taste on music?! or is it the rest of the world?! .. god help me! ..


well whatever I’ll just go with “I have an amazing taste on music and I’m sooo unique!, the world is just crazy and weird~”


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Same mother bleeping thing!

July 28, 2011 at 7:36 pm (Hanuel, Protesta, Teen Top) (, , , , , )


Ok so … how do I start this? I’m a ex-KissMe (and not butthurt or I wouldn’t follow them on twitter) and Andromeda ( ♥ ) So I’m on tumblr all like a happy bunny because of Teen Top’s new MV and I scroll down and I find a troll! O_O kiding! I found some comments/posts that stated it was the same setting as the 0330 u-kiss mv . And yes in fact it is, so I’m just chillin and then I found a post that really made no sense it read the following: “Teen Top copied U-KIS!?!”  – and I’m like


So this XXX person stated the following:  (I’m not going to put names so I don’t embarras the owner of this not that smart post ^^ I know~ I’m soo nice *O*)
”So I went on youtube just now to check out 2NE1’s ‘Ugly’ video, and came across Teen Top’s new MV for ‘Don’t Spray Perfume’ annnddd……. LOOK AT THIS:

They filmed their MV in THE EXACT SAME ROOM of the EXACT SAME BUILDING that U-KISS filmed their ‘0330’ MV!

And thats not the last of it….

Check this out:


Phone [and wall] look familiar?? Maybe thats because Dongho used it in ‘0330’


OR… how about the helicopter landing-pad rooftop scene?


I bet you it’s the same roof, just at a different angle…..


So, I don’t really know what to make of this…. I’m NOT angry. I think its kind of funny actually. Buuut…if I were Teen Top I might be kind of embarassed by it. =P

What do you guys think?” – end of quote


It’s the same room, in the same building? Yes
Is the same phone and wall? Yes
Is the same roof, maybe different angle? Yes
Did Teen top copy U-kiss? HELL NO

let me explain why they didn’t copy. the room maybe be the same one but there are lots of differences. U-kiss’s is darker since is a sad song… is a sad song right? it need to set and display a sad setting in order to go according with the emotions of the song. And the last time I saw the mv I think they didn’t dance on that room .. or did they? (I don’t know is a mystery~ I’m too lazy to go and check).
In Teen top’s case the room is brighter and doesn’t have a piano in the middle of the room because they dance on it. Also the song is about cheating and ‘Noonas’ so I don’t think the setting had to be all dark and stuff, also the beat of the song is pretty inviting to dance so yeah. Also if u notice it may not be the same room! look closely at the red circles I made


1) In the first you got the pretty door, which looks the same =
2) Then you got the ‘stair’ thing that is pretty much the same thing
3) Then in U-kiss MV there is like a separation between 2 (stair thing) and 5 (fireplace look alike thing) In Teen Top gives the feeling that is not there xD (maybe the brighter the brighter the walls get! .. yeah sounded stupid) well like stated before is the same room but u have to consider that the company takes care of choosing the setting they are filming in (except if u are one of the JYJ boys, who manages themselves but have the help of their company ^^)

Also other people have stated that SHINee used the same setting for their Japan debut (I don’t know ‘cause I haven’t seen it and I’m not going to either xD)

Well then the following pics yeah it’s same phone but in Teen Top’s it looks brighter ‘cause is for a happy/Icheatedandgotawaywithit song, in Dongho’s case it’s darker ‘cause its for a sad song. And the same goes to the rooftop. Sunset means ending of stuff so .. it makes u remind stuff and it was used just to sing, not to dance. Teen Top is all clear sky and buildings and was used to dance.

And I think Teen Top has NOTHING to be embarrassed about they are NOT copying. The songs are totally different and looks like the person who owns this setting is getting his money or maybe he is giving it for cheap price, therefore more bands go and film there, causing his pocket to grow. (U-kiss first, then SHINee, and last and mave not last Teen Top) In my eyes this ajusshi knows how to earn his money and recycle.

Also I think people should stop worrying about something so insignificant.
Both songs are good, and are opposites of each other. (sad – happy)
And if I see somebody start bashing or saying stuff about Teen Top because of this I’m going to go nuts and curse the fuck out of those people, I had enough with the ‘lyrics’, song, screen time, vocals, style. People if u want perfection then good luck in ur search.
I believe that they are so young yet have so much talent, with time they will be even better!

I don’t know about u but I love to see talent and good music. I don’t go worrying about looks or freaking settings for MV. And I live a happy fan life.



{Gifs are not mine. Also No MV setting was harmed when writing this}
Teen Top fighting! Andromeda fighting!

I can be overprotective and I protect my Teen top brothers cause I LOVE them! end of discussion!


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Funny/Sad Instrument story

July 27, 2011 at 7:30 am (Hanuel, Protesta)

Like seriuosly I’m so dumbfounded right now …
Well let me tell you I love music and dance, in my country when u arre in school u must have music and dance classes (in secondary you chose music or dance) so I know hot to play flute and these instruments:
and also piano/organ.

When I came to this country I stoped but fell in love with guita hero and I was actually good with it so I asked if I could get a guitar my mother said yes … we went to the store and I was like

I though it was the best day of my life and when I saw the guitars I couldn’t stop smiling to myself and then I’m like “mom I want this one!” it was an electric black guitar that looked amazing and it was perfect for my size and she is like “you crazy we are buying acustic guitar first and when you master it you get the electric guitar” I was like:
and fuck she wasn’t kidding I was sooo mad, why couldn’t I start with a muther fucking electric guitar?! gosh!!! we left empty handed and I gave up my dreams of playing fucking guitar. I told my grandmother and she understood me and offered me that for my birthday she would secretly buy me the organ I wanted and later a piano if I wanted so I decided I HAD to go back to my country my organ I waiting for me~

so today I was happily down stairs and well I knew my step brother and step father were going to buy his uniform so I was happily in my computer.. so they came back and I’m still happy until my step father takes out a big large box and he said “ur stepbrother is learning bass” inside of me I was like

so he gets to have his electric fucking bass and I don’t get a fucking mother fucker electric guitar and what the fuck happened to the “first is guitar” so I tell him “oh … and I need to start with acoustic guitar, right?” so he tells me “oh but if u want I can just buy it” so bitch no way I’m just forgeting this so easy! fvck vr guitar! I’ll just go back to my country were I’m actually loved and cared of and learn my fucking piano/organ and then move on to guitar and learn japanese and keep on dancing on life and see u fail. BIG TIMEEE


I don’t want anything anymore, I’ll climb my own way to learning music, so

I’m not going to get more mad over this shit! case closed!

I’m just going to keep saying to myself
later on they are going to realize they wasted thir money and I’m doing fine without their help Smile with tongue out

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Kiss Me~

July 27, 2011 at 7:23 am (Hanuel, Protesta)

One of the reasons I promised myself to just love without limitations one and only one k pop band .. I promised myself to not fall in love again. At first when I meet kpop I fell hard for tvxq and already knew big bang but I found my baby love … u-kiss. I loved them so much I learned their names in one day, in my ehyes they were amazing, I seriuosly didn’t care if they didn’t win the award for best rookie .. I seriously could careless I loved them and how cute they were together … loved them so much I was proud to say I was cassiopeia and kiss me … months passed .. I was new in the fandom but I was going to support them hard … shut up came out and I was screaming like a fangirl~ I loved alexander’s hair I preferred blonde kevin but well~ then after I spazzed I was going to learn the hard ass complicated dance. I fell in love with u-kiss .. but their damn company broke my heart, they decided to say bye-bye Alexander and Kibum … I was crying … they were my lovely u-kiss members! how dare u!  I couldn’t believe it .. if they took dongho I would cry my eyes out, if they took eli I would cry my eyes out too, the same with soohyun, kiseop and kevin –but fuck no! they didn’t just take alexander .. they took both alexander AND kibum … me that fell in love with them .. I know it’s not the members fault but the company … still I felt hurt … so hurt I would skip the news that said “new u-kiss members revealed” I cried hard .. they were my lovely u-kiss, my funny u-kiss … I loved them .. do I love them now? …. maybe I do .. but the brand new u-kis … I have to admit they are good but they are not the original u-kiss .. if this company had added more members I would be still happy ‘cause I know they are not replacing ..but no … (yes I also shipped Kemaru … I don’t think it exists anymore…) the u-kiss that I knew was perfect .. tell me why .. why did this had to happen?! … I follow the u-kiss members in twitter .. including alexander and kibum because they are u-kiss too … but I don’t listen at the new one a lot … I listen more to the old one … including when kiseop entered … (I have nothing against him, I love him) I sound butt hurt but I don’t care


I want to blow up the company for doing that .. but I cant because I don’t want to go to jail.. and it doesn’t make me hurt just the fact that they took them out but the fact that they fucking LIED –___- kibum didn’t want to leave, alexander didn’t want to leave either … they LIED –w- .. im all hurt and u could say my bias was kevin… but I loved all of them .. ;.; at least I can remember my happy memories spazzing over u-kiss and laughing with them .. infront of my laptop … maybe I’ll support them in the future .. but not now because the newbies havent done anything in front of my eyes that gets my attention .. I only watched their new song because of the other members … well thanks original u-kiss .. I hope u have good experience with brand new u-kiss … I’m staying cassiopeia … u could say I’m a butthurt kissme ..naah.. thanks for the memories … (wrote this while listening to bingeul bingeul and I like You from U-Kiss ..)


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Holaz por segunda vez

July 27, 2011 at 3:03 am (Hanuel, Protesta)

My otra cuenta fue desactivada, porque? por que no se supone que tengo que poner link o promocionar otras paginas en el wpress. Y nisiquiera podiar eliminar mi cuenta y quedarme con mi nombre de “HanuelYJ” de verdad que queria matar a alguien

pero bueno~ ya que voy a hacer? aqui solo posteare cosas sobre mi o lo que se me de la gana de escribir … todo acerca de mi, dbsk, y mis aficiones. A empezar de nuevo~

los links de descarga, videos y mi organizacion de coleccion de TVXQ los pondre en L;ve Journ4l (espero tampoco me suspendan mi cuenta en LJ) si lo hacen de verdad no se que hare

bueno hora de re-postear todo de nuevo y poner mis toques personales a este wordpress u.u

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