Family tree

August 2, 2011 at 9:18 pm (Hanuel, JYJ, Parody, TVXQ)

So~ since I entered the dbsk world… this has been my family tree (only dbsk members or I would have put Karam like Changmin’s boyfriend and Jia as my girlfriend xD)


I have one hell of a sexy father xD so~ here my crazy vision of how my dbsk family is or would be in my imagination xDD

Jung Yunho- My father! he is super sexy and hot  but with his kids he is really kind and sweet and because I’m like the youngest one he is cute around me xD He loves my Jae umma tons! He  works his ass off since he has a big family (Yoochun is part of the family) and me and my brothers eat a lot~ :3

Jung Jaejoong- My mother! (or my other father xD) he is a beauty! a BEAUTY! he can cross-dress and nobody would notice he is a he xD. He loves to cook for his kids but gives most of his cooking to Changmin and me since Junsu is busy with Yoochun~ Umma loves appa~ :3 He is a shopaholic and since me and changmin love to go to the tech store he gets mad with us ;o; but he is  super lovely with us ^^

Jung Junsu- my sister xD (he is the oldest brother but let’s face it he is a duck butt and duck butt girls have so~ also changmin would kill me if I call him sister xD) I love my sister duck butt~ We love to play PS3 with Junsu but … I never win ;o; .. yeah that’s how good he is u.u I always love when he makes his angel pose! And I love his voice :3 (he used to sing with the rest of my family so I could go to sleep :3)

Jung Changmin- my brother! We are like bestfriends more than brothers xD we love to spy on our YunJae parents, we love technology and we love food~ (he loves his Karam I love my Jia~ xP) We play pranks on Junsu and Yoochun, it’s just so funny~ (we tried with umma .. but je got mad and appa told us not to do it… also we tried appa and umma got mad again…) He used to take care of me when I was a baby a lot, we have lots of pics together xD

Park Yoochun- He is Junsu’s boyfriend and also good friend of the family! well … he lives with us xD He teaches me english *O* He doesn’t get mad if we play pranks with him, he just makes pranks to get back at me and changmin. He loves Junsu a lot and I respect and love him too~ We call him Micky and sometimes Junsu Minnie xD He is a really good hyung ^^ (My appa used to keep watch of him  but now treats him like another son)

and well Hanuel is me so … yeah lol crazy family for a crazy person like me~ I love this family even if is my imagination ^^

by the way the pic of Hanuel is not mine I just found it on Google-sama xD

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Some edits

July 30, 2011 at 5:22 am (Hanuel, Parody)

So I needed to do this. The gifs are not mine … I just fixed them … I’m sorry ;o; but I wanted to do this … ;o;




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TVXQ pic. parody #3

July 27, 2011 at 7:41 am (Hanuel, Parody)

I just wanted to do it :3

so here it goes~  ヽ(´ー`)ノ





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I’m soo mad right now~

July 27, 2011 at 7:33 am (Hanuel, Parody)

so the first time I asked nicely for my guitar .. I was even going to wait for it on my birthday like a present (my only present) but it wasn’t going to be a mother fucking electric guitar, it was going to be a fucking stupid acoustic guitar (I have nothing against acoustic but I prefer electric) so I said never mind fuck this shit I’m not getting shit for my birthday.

they bought my step brother a fucking ELECTRIC bass … they didn’t start from the mother fucking acoustic! and he is BAD in music! he cant even keep a simple beat for god’s sake!!! and I’m the only one who needs to get used to the acoustic AND THEN was going to wait until more money came to buy a electric guitar

so when I saw this shit in front of me ..  I just gave cold face and voice and they seemed to noticed that it was unfair on my person and now.. just NOW they think about me and my crushed feelings!!

I’m soo mad! so NOW they want to buy me the electric guitar, FUCK YOU BITCHES! I aint getting shit from you, u bastards! so just NOW you think of buying what I always wanted .. and not because you think I deserve it but because u feel pity of me and you think I have no life

seriuosly FUCK YOUUUUU I feel like screaming this on ur face!!! so I told this stupid people that I don’t want anything to do with a guitar but they don’t fucking understand!!! I feel bad because they are not doing it from the bottom of their hearts they are doing it just to feel that they did the right fucking thing but  no im not giving them the pleasure they can go and fuck themselves I don’t fucking care.

I love music I really wished I had a guitar and I could play it but … if it’s going to be this way then fuck no, I’ll just wait to get my own money and buy my own shit and my own fucking electric guitar. I feel bad … I feel like I have a thorn in my throat and I feel like crying .. maybe I will cry because life is being a bitch to me .. no wait is not life is them!

came to my room and asked if I want a kindle or a electric guitar or any other instrument .. and in my head I;m like “seriously… seriously NOW?!!! NOW you have money. I don’t want ur fucking kindle or fucking electric guitar!!!” I just said “no I don’t need anything” I they left … I’m so glad they left or I would have screamed so bad ..

so now I’m going to wait a see FAIL on electric bass .. and they are going to see they wasted their fucking money .. I’m off to cry myself to sleep or something like that .. I feel that I don’t have value around this house and I feel like I’m not in my right place I feel that they are being biased towards him but I don’t give a crap but seriusly if my step brother tells me “oh but they prefer u over me! u are their favorite” i;’m so going to tell him to shut the fuck up because its not true they bought him a fucking electric bass and they didn’t give me shit … and now he should tell me who is their fucking favorite!”


I'm going to look like them like this

what I want to scream at their faces

THIS is going to be my attitude from now on

I also feel like telling them THIS

Oh no u didnt bitch. now u gonna pay

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TVXQ Pic. parody #2

July 27, 2011 at 7:05 am (Hanuel, Parody)

Today was a bad day but well at least I can make up for this day by staying up all night and changing my sleeping habits .. again u.u .. sleeping at day, living life at night .. xD

well my dear Tohorio .. today I was bored like shet but I’m better now .. I think I’m falling back to my freakin depression … I need good yunjae or just tvxq news .. or I might cry all day .. man .. whatever eh .. here some parodies I had to do xP this came out of boredom and too much effin disney channel –_-




The result of me watching too much effin disney channel (’cause of my brother, I’m not hating over disney but their programs are a lil bit too .. much and not real … also demi is not there anymore T_T )


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YunJae Pic. parody #1

July 27, 2011 at 6:44 am (Hanuel, Parody, YunJae)

{empty if I find it again I’ll post it}
Yun: u want to top tonight boo?
Jae: yesh *high5*
Yun: sorry u stay bottom boo :3
Jae: … –w-

I just imagine them saying that .. u.u

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