Icons :3

August 7, 2011 at 3:58 pm (Hanuel, JYJ, TVXQ)

what boredom makes you do xD
well I’m making my own icons/edits in case I want to change my profile pictures lol – if somebody wants to take, u can do so but please don’t say u made them~ and yesh looks like Jae is not my favorite, but he is my ‘bias’ xD

avi01 avi04 avi1 avi0002
avi0001 avi00001 avi17 (2) avi1.2
avi02 avi001 avi002 avi0003
avi0004 avi0005 avi5 (2)
avi03 avi19 avi006 avi007 avi000011 avi00012 avi0001.2
avi05 avi06 avi07 avi7
avi003 avi0013 avi0012 avi023avi010 avi001.1 avi002.3 avi0234
avi01.2 avi001.2 avi001.3 avi6 (2)
avi08 avi09 avi16 (2)
couples in dbsk:
avi8 (2) avi7 (2) avi11 (2) 
avi1 (2) avi2 (2) avi3 (2) avi4 (2)
avi9 (2) avi10 (2)


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Estoy aburrida

August 5, 2011 at 8:12 pm (Hanuel, JYJ, TVXQ)

hmm aqui esta lo que hago cuando me aburro LOL osea edito … xD


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6 pic challenge – Yoochun Long Hair

August 5, 2011 at 6:54 am (6 pic challenge, Hanuel, JYJ, TVXQ)

Yoochun with Long hair! Yoochun con cabello largo~ en mi opinion se ve super churro con cabello largo claro que tambien se ve muy bien con cabello corto


bueno estas son las fotitos que me encantan de Yoochun con cabello largo~


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6 pic challenge – JYJ The Beginning

August 5, 2011 at 6:45 am (6 pic challenge, Hanuel, JYJ)

Asi que eh visto un monton de esto. Es 6 imagenes que mas te gustan de cierto ‘tema’.
Yo voy a hacer mis 6 favoritas de JYJ en el CD/Photobook ‘The Beginning’

Fue dificil el de Junsuu! >w< me encanta como sale en ‘The Beginning’ ^^U


Las tres de abajo se parecen pero son de distintos angulos … y me encanta! *O*


Dios esto fue dificil … aparte mientras elegia esto atraveso mi mente “Si fuera hombre yo me cambio de equipo por el .. dios Jaejoong si que es simpatico/churro/hermoso” si bien raro no? pero Jaejoong deberia ser Miss Mundo version masculina .___. siii!


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Family tree

August 2, 2011 at 9:18 pm (Hanuel, JYJ, Parody, TVXQ)

So~ since I entered the dbsk world… this has been my family tree (only dbsk members or I would have put Karam like Changmin’s boyfriend and Jia as my girlfriend xD)


I have one hell of a sexy father xD so~ here my crazy vision of how my dbsk family is or would be in my imagination xDD

Jung Yunho- My father! he is super sexy and hot  but with his kids he is really kind and sweet and because I’m like the youngest one he is cute around me xD He loves my Jae umma tons! He  works his ass off since he has a big family (Yoochun is part of the family) and me and my brothers eat a lot~ :3

Jung Jaejoong- My mother! (or my other father xD) he is a beauty! a BEAUTY! he can cross-dress and nobody would notice he is a he xD. He loves to cook for his kids but gives most of his cooking to Changmin and me since Junsu is busy with Yoochun~ Umma loves appa~ :3 He is a shopaholic and since me and changmin love to go to the tech store he gets mad with us ;o; but he is  super lovely with us ^^

Jung Junsu- my sister xD (he is the oldest brother but let’s face it he is a duck butt and duck butt girls have so~ also changmin would kill me if I call him sister xD) I love my sister duck butt~ We love to play PS3 with Junsu but … I never win ;o; .. yeah that’s how good he is u.u I always love when he makes his angel pose! And I love his voice :3 (he used to sing with the rest of my family so I could go to sleep :3)

Jung Changmin- my brother! We are like bestfriends more than brothers xD we love to spy on our YunJae parents, we love technology and we love food~ (he loves his Karam I love my Jia~ xP) We play pranks on Junsu and Yoochun, it’s just so funny~ (we tried with umma .. but je got mad and appa told us not to do it… also we tried appa and umma got mad again…) He used to take care of me when I was a baby a lot, we have lots of pics together xD

Park Yoochun- He is Junsu’s boyfriend and also good friend of the family! well … he lives with us xD He teaches me english *O* He doesn’t get mad if we play pranks with him, he just makes pranks to get back at me and changmin. He loves Junsu a lot and I respect and love him too~ We call him Micky and sometimes Junsu Minnie xD He is a really good hyung ^^ (My appa used to keep watch of him  but now treats him like another son)

and well Hanuel is me so … yeah lol crazy family for a crazy person like me~ I love this family even if is my imagination ^^

by the way the pic of Hanuel is not mine I just found it on Google-sama xD

mood: good
music: Ayy girl

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Edits update

August 2, 2011 at 3:50 pm (Hanuel, JYJ)

So~ Tohorio~ I’ve been up to no good xD joking I’m doing some edits on ps :3 and here they are~ Oh before that since now I’m going to start putting at the end of this post my mood and what I’m listening to \(^O^)/



that’s all xD

mood: dorky
music: Hey! Don’t bring me down – DBSK

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30 Day TVXQ Edit Challenge-Day #27

August 2, 2011 at 1:31 am (30 Day TVXQ edit challenge, Hanuel, JYJ, TVXQ)

day #27: edit of your favorite ot5 moment

I can’t find the rest of days ;o; omg sun! well I still want to finish this .. I’ll finish but I need to find the rest of days! >o<!

I love this pic .. I just love it ;o; the quote is about family but for me they are like a family so … yeah judge me tohorio! judge me!
”To us family means putting your arms around each other and being there”


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30 Day TVXQ edit challenge–Day #23

July 29, 2011 at 5:17 am (30 Day TVXQ edit challenge, Hanuel, JYJ, TVXQ)

day #26: edit of your fave recent pic (homin)

I’m going to add JYJ … cause I think it’s unfair if I don’t treat them as TVXQ members because they once were and still are


it’s not that recent but I love it. also I cant find my last JYJ edit I did for this so…


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30 Day TVXQ edit challenge–Day #22

July 29, 2011 at 5:11 am (30 Day TVXQ edit challenge, Hanuel, JYJ, TVXQ)

day #22: edit of yoochun & junsu.

I ship Yunjae and Yoosu xD so .. yeah … Yoosu~ :3



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30 Day TVXQ edit challenge–Day #21

July 29, 2011 at 5:09 am (30 Day TVXQ edit challenge, Hanuel, JYJ, TVXQ)

day #21: edit of jaejoong & changmin

sorry but for me this is mother-son love, since the day I saw jaejoong feeding Changmin like a baby backstage and then stopped when the camera approached and changmin tried to avoid camera xD


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