30 Day YunJae Challenge – Day #28

July 27, 2011 at 7:36 am (30 day yunjae challenge, Hanuel, YunJae)

Day 28 – Post dedicated for the antis.

sometimes with all the hate u say and do, I seriuosly think I don’t even have to curse at u, because u are causing ur selve to win a spot in hell, I don’t even have to help u.
hmm thanks for hating~ but please I’m worried about u, please stop hating and GET A LIFE~
also u should seek help ‘cause if it amuses u hating on people for their believes, u really have some issues on ur little head, take care of urselve~
Also never forget that even If u try really hard YunJae shippers wont give up, they’ll never give up~
if u are/consider urself a rookie YunJae hater then this is for u:


but if u are/consider urself a senior YunJae hater then this is for u:

so I don’t mind u~ but seriously get a life~


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30 Day YunJae Challenge – Day #27

July 27, 2011 at 7:35 am (30 day yunjae challenge, Hanuel, YunJae)

Day 27 – Post dedicated for your fellow Yunjae shippers.

tumblr_lly8yrw0hL1qge3k8o1_500 Love you~

Even if I don’t know u in real person, I love you ^^. Please keep supporting both Jae and Yun~ never give up on them!
I know some people don’t leave us alone, call us crazy and all the shit that comes to their heads, but don’t mind them~ don’t hate them~ just dislike them ^_____^ or use some of this to repeal them~ xDU

s6hdsg tumblr_lm1s0r6qQG1qge3k8o1_500tumblr_llbl3jB5lI1qge3k8o1_500

YunJae is the love in our eyes, so lets protect their love. I know it may be harder now to believe on them but trust me true love never dies (In other words they must be going at it like rabbits when they met each other secretly on the weekends*cough*that would explain Karam xDU) what else can I say to a YunJae shipper? I believe YunJae shippers are really strong even if they are by themselves ^^ the hate makes us stronger~ don’t forget to spread the love and the YunJae love~ we support love then lets give love~ don’t hate on stupid people~ like I said just dislike~ (I just insult them and their mothers xDU)


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30 Day YunJae Challenge–Day #26

July 27, 2011 at 7:28 am (30 day yunjae challenge, Hanuel, YunJae)

Day 26 – A quote dedicated for Yunjae

Here some that I thing fit perfect to them (some I made them pics)

‘”Distance between two hearts is not an obstacle, rather a great reminder of just how strong true love can be”

True love never dies, it gets stronger with time

Life is a song, love is the lyrics

Yunjae quote 3 ^^

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30 Day YunJae Challenge–Day #24

July 27, 2011 at 7:25 am (30 day yunjae challenge, Hanuel, YunJae)

Day 24 – Jaejoong’s imperfection that made you love him more.

In my eyes Jaejoong is perfect, yes PERFECT. But well let’s say this little things are “weird” and makes me love him more ;3

Taking random pictures in random moments
Yunho was doing his bussines in the bathroom and suddenly a hand comes under the door and he hears a *chak* and flash! xD
Junsu finished taking his shower, reached for his towel and he heard *chak* and flash! xDDD
and jaejoong says he loves his members and he wants to have something of them that nobody else will ever have so he know they are his members xP (ah jaejoong-ah just hand me the pics xD)
my reaction to this confession was: OMG SUN! jaejoong! u perv!
and then I was like “hand me the pictures”
and then Jaejoong said that is he loses his phone everybody is in trouble xD

☆ When he said he likes to cook for his members (umma radar: ON)
I was like: “ok … cooking is not consider *cough*gay*cough anymore~”
then I started imagining the members reaction to jaejoong’s food xD
and Jaejoong would be like:

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30 Day YunJae Challenge–Day #23

July 27, 2011 at 7:15 am (30 day yunjae challenge, Hanuel, YunJae)

Day 23 – Favorite yunjae shipper you know.

I know but they don’t know me xD I follow them and admire them~
Peternakhamster and Heavenswine

Then a favorite YunJae shipper that I know and she knows me is my friend from HS that I made a Cas5iopeia and a YunJae shipper, Steph ^^ oh also yoosu shipper and Changmin lover~

I shared a lot with her~ in our free class we used to fangirl over the five of them and also tell to each other “oh im so telling Yunho and Jaejoong they are going to  bust you! they are ur freakin parents!! xD” or “I love changmin~ he is my best brother~ *0*” or “I love yoochun but he is Junsu’s property~ otteoke! xD”

I used to tell her some YunJae rumors and we both giggled and also looked around us to see if people were looking at us xD we used to say “omg! what if somebody heard us?! what if a BOY heard us?! we are soo dead xD”
Man I miss those moments but still we are in contact and keep sharing YunJae moments and also TVXQ moments, also we fangirled before I went to the JYJ concert .. so much that she told her parents she wanted tp go but they didn’t let her ;.; .. we fangirled more when I came back XD we were watching my videos and she told me she would go next time~ ^^
(she loves/adores ChangMinnie :3)



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30 Day YunJae Challenge–Day #21

July 27, 2011 at 7:13 am (30 day yunjae challenge, Hanuel, YunJae)

Day 21 – Favorite yunjae fic author.

I’m ‘new’ to the whole YunJae fanfic ‘cause I used to just read anime related fanfic thinking people fanfic was a little bit too ‘weird’ for me but then YunJae made me fall in love with fics *0*

I have read good ones but I forgot to save the links since 1. I changed from computer to laptop and 2. My latop got restarted two times. So I lost lots of links to fanfics … but I restarted on asianfanfics xDU
and now this are authors that I love their stories:

Kim Aiko – “BloodLust”, “The days of december”, “Auburn autumn”
cookiesandcream – “Facebook and Dong Bang Messenger”, “Beautiful disaster”

I’m the type of person that likes to finish reading something and then move on so .. for now only this amazing authors *0*


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30 Day YunJae Challenge–Day #20

July 27, 2011 at 7:12 am (30 day yunjae challenge, Hanuel, YunJae)

Day 20 – Situation where you feel yunjae is not real.

This is the only situation that I felt YunJae broke up but were real

When Yunho said that he never received a call/message from the other 3 and he didn’t have contact with them .. my heart broke to pieces but Jaejoong left a message on his twitter telling ‘somebody’ to please answer his text messages and then everyone believed it was to Yunho (well I believed it too) then some days later a fan had a recorder went to a tvxq fan signature event and meet Yunho and Yunho told her that he didn’t contact Jaejoongie and what should he do

this left me with a big question mark above my head .. u.u I just pray that they are lying to me~
well if I was in a situation were my company doesn’t let me have contact with my other friends I would find a way even if it had to be kept secret and I had to lie to my fans .. all for my lover .. fuck yes I would!
and people think they wouldn’t lie .. fuck yes they will or maybe they already did, please if you need to protect something really precious to you .. wouldn’t you lie? because I would without having to think twice
(or maybe I’m just the worst person out there … fear me~)

well that was the only moment I felt they were not real/broke up
but songs came, couple stuff started to show up, evidence made it presence noticed xD
oh I also believe Keep your head down is a bash song for JYJ from SM NOT from HoMin
since HoMin didn’t write the lyrics and they do not chose the song of the CD
(you never know SM can blackmail/scare them .. and HoMin had to sing it because they HAD to or else … for example when I saw ChangMin in their first comeback of KYHD I saw how his eyes expressed feeling of discomfort and anger … if somebody made me sing and bash my friends I would be angry too I even called my friend and told her to watch the video and see if she noticed something a little bit off and she called me back and told me changmin looked angry/sad and not like himself)

well that’s all~


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30 Day YunJae Challenge–Day #19

July 27, 2011 at 7:10 am (30 day yunjae challenge, Hanuel, YunJae)

Day 19 – Favorite Yunjae website.


some youtube accounts
some twitter
and some facebook pages


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30 Day YunJae Challenge-Day #18

July 27, 2011 at 7:09 am (30 day yunjae challenge, Hanuel, YunJae)

Day 18 – Reasons why you love Yunjae

I think this explains why I love YunJae
(because they are so freakin adorable~)


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30 Day YunJae Challenge-Day #17

July 27, 2011 at 7:07 am (30 day yunjae challenge, Hanuel, YunJae)

Day 17 – Favorite third wheel for Yunjae.

I don’t think he is a third wheel but more of a cockbloker xD
also he is the love child .. or is he the angry smex love child? don’t remember xP


I don’t care if he is third wheel or a cockbloker, I LOVE him ^/////^
I mean being in the middle of a couple must be very hard and more when ur position in the line is forever  and more when this couple loves skinship and more if its two males and its ur first time between two males!

I’ve always seen that even if he doesn’t like skinship from Jaejoong (in cameras) behind cameras he likes to feel loved by his umma but also respects his appa ^^


in conclusion I think is more of a third wheel meaning like a married couple whit their first child … some benefits are cut off and stuff xD I forgot what I was going to say .. I’m going to go and do something related to tvxq with lego blocks lol


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