30 Days bias edit challenge-Day 25

August 13, 2011 at 6:31 pm (30 Days edit Bias challenge, Hanuel)

Day 25: an edit of your top 5 favorite male dancers

(1) U-Know Yunho

Do I even have to explain why he is number 1? He is just perfect. Because of him I decided to dance again. I left dancing years ago, now I started again. I love this man so much, he is an example for me. He is like a father to me … judge me! (Jaejoong is my mother FYEAH!)

(2) Xiah Junsu

I love him. I was amazed when I watched him perform Intoxication. He really is a good dancer. but after going to see him live in New Jersey … God he is an amazing dancer and have amazing voice! He is the complete package! When he danced Empty remix god! he was amazing! he is one of the other reasons I returned to dancing LOL

(3) Taeyang

I love his style of dancing. He has amazing vocals and amazing skills at dancing. I love all of his solo works.

(4) Key

Because of him I learned: Ring Ding dong, Hello and Lucifer. Also some girl dances. He is just amazing! I ‘m not a fan of shinee but I LOVE Key LOL

(5) Changjo

He is my lovely maknea~ I love him, he is cute! I really like his dancing and he works really hard. Ricky is good too! Ricky is really flexible! but Changjo is mi bias LOL (second bias is chunji … but I love the six of them!!)


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